Tree Owner Storm Preparedness

Pruning Crape Myrtles Correctly
Say No to Topping

Protect your home and keep the tree! Trees and storms don’t have to be scary if you know how to care for them!

With a rapidly changing climate, North Carolina is expected to have more frequent and severe weather events. And although trees are great at mitigating the effects of extreme weather by absorbing stormwater runoff and cooling urban heat, climate change will still impact our trees. It is essential that you as a tree owner take an active approach monitoring and caring for the trees around you, so that your trees and your property are prepared for extreme weather. Check out the Homeowner Readiness Guide to learn about ideal tree locations, proper maintenance practices, and when to call an arborist. Also read the Homeowner Response and Recovery Guide to learn about what to do if your tree does fail in a storm.

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