Bring Tree Education to You

Let’s Talk Trees

You already know that the team at TreesCharlotte spends a lot of time in the dirt, planting and distributing trees throughout the city. But did you also know that we have a robust educational program ready to be shared with you?

TreesCharlotte offers a wide array of presentations and activities to tree-lovers from Kindergarteners to seniors. Most talks and activities can be done in-person or virtually. Choose a topic listed below or combine them! We can tailor any presentation or activity to fit your group’s needs.

Some of our tree talks include:
  • State of the Canopy: Did you know that Charlotte is losing about 3 football fields worth of tree canopy per day?! Find out what is going on, why this tree loss is occurring, and what you can do to stop it.
  • Tree Care Tips: Perfect for garden clubs, horticultural classes, and even proud tree-owners. Learn about tree care basics and how to give your tree the best shot at a long and happy life.
  • Tree Equity: Charlotte’s tree canopy is not evenly distributed throughout the city. This talk explores tree equity patterns, why they occur, and TreesCharlotte’s mission to ensure all communities have access to the benefits of trees.
  • Tree Biology and Identification (in the field): Join us at your local park, greenway, or tree campus to learn the basics of how trees work and how to tell them apart. By the end of this lesson you will be a tree expert!
Some of our kids activities include:
  • Become a junior arborist
  • Celebrate the tree lifecycle
  • Tree ID basics
  • Seedling wrapping and planting (March-April only)
  • And much much more!
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