Our mission, vision and values

Setting Targets and Continuing to Grow


Known as “The City of Trees,” Charlotte has a wonderful foundation for achieving manageable canopy goals. However, a detailed analysis shows we must take a more aggressive approach to ensure the continued health and well-being of our tree canopy, and we must actively plant thousands of trees to account for growth and development in our city and around the region.

TreesCharlotte Mission

TreesCharlotte is a public/private nonprofit collaboration to grow, diversify and steward the city’s iconic urban forest. Trained volunteers and science-based programs teach residents about the value of trees and how to plant and care for them.

TreesCharlotte Vision

TreesCharlotte’s vision is 50 percent canopy coverage, city-wide acceptance of responsibility to plant and care for trees and sustained funding to continue the mission generation to generation.

TreesCharlotte Methodology

  • Promoting benefits of trees: increasing healthy air, saving electricity, mitigating storm water runoff and creating visual beauty and shade
  • Building and preserving tree canopy throughout the community with special attention to underserved areas
  • Engaging diverse neighborhoods to join the effort
  • Developing “ownership”
  • Providing group bonding experiences
  • Educational opportunities for children and adults about trees
  • Collaborating with other organizations to build tree awareness
  • Strong, mutually beneficial partnership with the City of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County
  • Providing research focused on trees
  • Financial accountability



The efforts of TreesCharlotte and its incredible partners and volunteers paid considerable dividends since 2012. Some of the achievements include:

  • Planted or gave away more than 48,900 containerized trees

  • Engaged more than 24,500 volunteers

  • Stewarded thousands of trees already planted at previous events

  • Educated thousands of students and residents about tree care and tree benefits

  • Established and expanded partnerships with numerous corporate sponsors

  • Held 7 successful Tree Canopy Action Summits