Become a TreeMAK

Our TreeMaster and TreeAmbassador programs offer amazing opportunities for the serious tree enthusiast. Graduates of the TreeMaster and TreeAmbassador program become certified protectors of our Tree Canopy and are eligible to help guide future projects. We currently offer TreeMaster/TreeAmbassador training several times a year. The next will be September! Please contact us about how to get involved if you have questions. 

Check back on this page over the Summer of 2024 for our next seasonal TreeMAK trainings!

What is a TreeMaster?

A TreeMaster is a volunteer who has received training on volunteer management, proper planting techniques, and maintenance of trees. TreeMasters serve as volunteer leaders at events and are vital to the success of all of our events throughout the Charlotte area. 

What is a TreeAmbassador?

A TreeAmbassador is a volunteer who is enthusiastic about TreesCharlotte and can deliver a positive and clear message about our mission. TreeAmbassadors represent TreesCharlotte at various outreach events. Candidates should be comfortable both talking to an audience and listening to their comments and concerns. It will be your job to help educate the public about our beautiful canopy and how to get involved with TreesCharlotte. 

What do TreeMasters do?

TreeMasters help at events with set up, tree distribution, volunteer management and event breakdown. They are asked to volunteer at a minimum of 3 events annually (each event lasting approximately 5 hours). The TreesCharlotte planting season runs from late September to end of March.

What are TreeAmbassadors expected to do? 

TreeAmbassadors are asked to volunteer at a minimum of 3 outreach events annually (each about 3 hours). Typical events include tabling at festivals or speaking in front of a school class. As public-facing opportunities arise, we will equip you with an event box complete with key facts, fun stuff to give away, important literature, and whatever else is required!

How do I become a TreeMaster and/or a TreeAmbassador?

Candidates attend a free 90-minute workshop where they will learn key talking points about TreesCharlotte and how to prepare for events. The workshop features online and in person instruction. You are provided with presentations and hands-on demonstrations. Training is suited for all levels of arboricultural knowledge. Upon completion of the program, graduates will be provided opportunities to put their knowledge into action by signing up to serve at planting events and/or outreach events. You must be at least 18 years of age and complete the application below.

How do I use your volunteer portal to make a profile and sign up for events?

TreesCharlotte uses a volunteer portal called GivePulse for all of our volunteer events, including volunteering as a TreeMAK. Check out this Quick Guide for Users from GivePulse to begin your portal training.