Caring for Newly Planted Trees

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From Our City Partner – the City of Charlotte provides technical and arborist expertise as part of the TreesCharlotte team.

Summer Tree Care, May-September

  • Water with five gallons weekly
  • No need to water again if your tree has gotten an inch of rain during the week.
  • Make sure the mulch is 4 feet in diameter around your tree, 6 inches deep and does not touch the trunk.
  • Remove weeds and grass and add mulch.
  • Do not use lawn equipment near the base of your young trees. Weed eaters and mowers can injure and even kill your tree.
  • Delay major pruning until winter. Remove dead or broken branches, and root suckers, growing up from the base of the tree.

Trees Benefit Water and Prevent Erosion

  • Promote water quality by serving as a natural filter and storage system
  • Reduce runoff pollutants
  • Slow evaporation with shade
  • Decrease erosion of stream banks and shorelines
  • Reduce flood risks by storing excess storm water runoff
  • Moderate stream temperatures and sunlight, keeping fish and other aquatic life healthy

Urban Forest Fact: A forested acre next to a stream eliminates run off, but if that acre is a parking lot it produces 27,000 gallons of hot and polluted run off to the stream.

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