TreesCharlotte, a pause, a deep breath

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Relax in a forest bath

Most days are the right time to plant a tree. Other days, it’s all about enjoying the trees we have. Here at TreesCharlotte, we’re entering the appreciation phase as we pause our planting season so we can do our collective part to get a handle on the Coronavirus. We still have a forest of trees in our inventory and look forward to seeing all our volunteers and tree lovers later this spring or early next fall to get them into the ground!

Stay tuned to your e-Leaflet for those details.

In the meantime, we plan to enjoy the fruit of all our labors. During this curious moment in history, we hope you too take the time to slip out of the house and enjoy a walk under the canopy or read a book under an oak or find delight in the flowering of our dogwoods. If you need any of the TreesCharlotte staff – Chuck, Heike, Jen or Zack – we’re available on email as we work from home preparing for another season.

Stay healthy, tree friends, and may you find moments of solace and beauty in the urban forest you’re helping to build.




Chuck Cole, executive director of TreesCharlotte