Trees looking droopy? Follow these summer watering tips!

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Tree Watering: Is there a magic formula?

As we enter another hot summer, it’s important to remember that our trees will get thirsty. Here’s your quick guide on how to recognize heat stress and what to do about it.

Signs of drought suffering: 

  • Leaves are wilted or even scorched, and/or turning their fall color prematurely.
  • Branches are dying and canopy is thinning.
  • Pests are invading.

What to do:

  • Water young trees twice per week (about 5 gallons) and mature trees once per week (the equivalent of 1 to 1.5 inches of rain). For mature trees, you’ll need to provide water to several points around the trunk to access all the roots.
  • Water your trees slowly. One tip: Punch small holes in the bottom of a 5-gallon container, fill it with water and let it seep out slowly.
  • Another tip for bigger trees: Set up your sprinkler so it hits the area under the “drip zone,” or the area beneath the branches.
  • Water in the morning.
  • Mulch to hold in water. Best practices: Keep mulch about four inches away from the trunk, build it to four inches of thickness and mulch to the drip line (if that’s too much area, aim for at least 4 feet out).

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