This Gift Puts TreesCharlotte in High Gear

Forest Man – One Tree at a Time
New York Restoration Project (NYRP) – Core Team

An amazing gift was given to TreesCharlotte this week by our partner, Piedmont Natural Gas – a new truck and trailer to use at TreesCharlotte neighborhood planting events! The Ford F250 truck is fueled by natural gas, and the trailer stores all the tools needed for planting trees.

“We are thrilled with the fantastic gift from our close community partner, Piedmont Natural Gas,” said Dave Cable, TreesCharlotte Executive Director, “this will make us much more efficient running large-scale events. And the truck and trailer look great, which really increases visibility for TreesCharlotte.”

Instead of renting tools for each event, the TreesCharlotte team will drive to the planting location and open up the trailer, which is equipped with more than 200 shovels, pick axes, rakes and other planting equipment donated by the John Harris Family Foundation. Johnny Harris is co-chair of the TreesCharlotte Board of Directors.

Piedmont Natural Gas was an original partner of TreesCharlotte, and their employees participate in tree-planting events.

The truck will be easily recognizable at planting events and driving around Charlotte, and it comes with custom art showcasing the TreesCharlotte brand.

“This really moves TreesCharlotte down the road,” said Dave, “and we are grateful to Piedmont Natural Gas for its generous support.”

View our gallery to see our new wheels!