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We are so excited to introduce you to Zack Agerton, who joined TreesCharlotte on Sept. 3 as our Events and Administrative Coordinator. We asked him a few get-to-know-you questions. Be sure to give him a big welcome at the next TreesCharlotte event!

In one sentence, describe your job.

Assist in planning and implementing our planting and education events.

What’s your favorite tree?

Weeping Willow

Share a story that exemplifies your love of trees.

When I was 8 years old I played on a particularly awful soccer team. We played the majority of our games in a small town just north of ours. The drive to the town took us down back roads. Every game, we would pass a small white house with a little pond resting between the front door and the road. In the middle of this pond a tiny island sat with a giant Weeping Willow planted at its center. I remember being fascinated by this tree, as I had never seen one before.

Near the end of the soccer season a violent tornado ravaged our town. It jumped our neighborhood, but the area on the way to our field wasn’t spared. On the day of our last game we made the drive through the destruction. I was speechless as we passed areas where houses once stood. In one case the only thing that remained was the upstairs sink. As we approached that little white house I hoped to spot my favorite tree. Unfortunately, the winds had claimed it too. We continued to make that drive for a year and each time we passed I was sad to see the tree was gone.

One day as we passed my heart filled with joy. The owner of that white house had planted a young Weeping Willow. To this day, when I visit my parents I like to pass that house to see that tree.

Share something surprising about you.

I lived in the country of Samoa for two years while serving in the Peace Corps as an English Literacy Resource teacher.

Reach Zack at or 678-936-2283.

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