Take advantage of winter’s wet weather

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By Jennifer Dawson

Trees are critical to our survival, not only supplying us with oxygen and stabilizing the soil but storing carbon and providing food and shelter to an abundance of wildlife as well. While trees generally flourish on their own in the wild, they will need some assistance when planted in yards. Regardless of whether your trees are native to the Charlotte region, and despite how drought resistant they are, most young lawn trees require additional watering in order to survive. While mature trees generally require less care, they will also need monitoring and supplementary watering during periods of drought.

Winter is a perfect time to prepare for the warmer and drier months ahead:

Make full use of your sump pump

During the wetter months, you will undoubtedly drain water out of your basement. This sump pump water is ideal for watering your trees and garden. Unlike regular tap water, the rainwater that is pumped from your home has virtually no impurities in it, apart from trace phosphates that may even be of benefit to your trees. If you invest in a couple of barrels to store your water in, you can easily accumulate enough to get you through most of the dryer months without having to rely on precious tap water to water your trees.

Adhere to wise watering principles

When you plant a new tree, consider placing a water pipe from the base of the roots to just above the soil surface. When you water through this pipe you will ensure the water reaches the roots and you’ll avoid waste, especially important during periods of water scarcity.

When watering your trees, make sure that you don’t apply water faster than the ground can absorb it. Even during an extreme drought, the earth is not able to suck up large quantities of water instantaneously. If your trees are located at the bottom of a slope, make swales and terraces to hold the water and direct it to where it is needed. Always make shallow basins around your trees to prevent water from simply running off, allowing it to seep into the ground all the way down to the roots.

Trees are of great importance to our environment, making it vital to ensure that they receive sufficient water to flourish. Even during times of drought, you can employ some smart watering habits to prevent the most majestic forces of life in your yard from succumbing to a lack of water.

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