Come to a Tree Party at Ciel Gallery!

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Right Tree, Right Place

Tree Party Celebrates All Things Arboreal

TreesCharlotte is partnering with Ciel Gallery to present Tree Party, a national exhibition juried by local artist Andy Braitman. The opening reception will take place Friday, September 5th from 6-9pm. Braitman is a nationally recognized artist whose work has been featured in galleries and shows in Santa Fe, Chicago, Atlanta, Millburn, N.J., Washington, D.C., Noorbeek, Holland, and Rio de Janiero and Curitba, Brazil.

Tree Party will support TreesCharlotte’s efforts through a Giving Tree of 6” x 6” artworks gifted by artists nationwide and sold to the public for $25 each. Ciel will donate 100% of sales proceeds from the Giving Tree to TreesCharlotte, as well as 100% of donations received during the September run of Tree Party.

“TreesCharlotte is grateful for Ciel Gallery’s generous support of our efforts to preserve and enhance Charlotte’s tree canopy,” says Director Dave Cable. “With the Tree Party initiative, Ciel Gallery has set the stage to raise awareness of, and capital for, Charlotte’s extraordinary urban forest – what a wonderful gift to our community and to future generations!”

For Artists

Two entries may be submitted for the $35 entry fee. Learn more at Ciel Gallery’s website.

From the prospectus: whether centuries-old or saplings, trees never fail to excite our imagination, garner our reverence, and dumbfound us with their beauty and resilience. They show us the path to water, shelter us, feed us, embrace us, lift us up, knock us down, house us, bloom for us, whisper solace or warning, and inspire us. Their rings note the passage of years; their leaves note the passage of seasons. We meditate beneath them, hang lights from their boughs, tie ribbons and dance along their circumference, weep at their passing, and build stairs and platforms, and walls and roofs in an effort to rest in their embrace. We slice them down and plant others anew.

For Tree Lovers

Also planned for September 5th is a book signing by Charlotte author Maggie Barker Booth, featuring her book Treasure in the City, a collection of photographs and the history of ten “treasure trees” around the city of Charlotte. The book signing will take place during Friday’s opening reception.