City Council approves changes to Tree Ordinance

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From the Charlotte Observer

The Charlotte City Council approved new regulations Monday that give developers flexibility in placing trees on urban sites, despite concern from some environmental activists.

The new rules, passed in a 9-2 vote, would apply to redefined “urban zones,” largely in uptown and along the light rail, and allow trees to be planted on rooftops, planters, plazas or other locations to meet city requirements. The changes also allow for tree areas that are essentially urban parks with amenities like landscaping and pathways.

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More changes coming to the Tree Ordinance: Get involved now!

The changes approved Monday evening are just a small piece of a possible overhaul of the tree ordinance. The city is now undergoing a review of the tree ordinance as part of its UDO – Unified Development Ordinance – process.

We need tree advocates to be a part of this process. Keep informed about upcoming meeting dates at And let your city council representative – both your district council person and the at-large council members – that you want to keep Charlotte a city of trees and only regulations that encourage preservation and growth will do that.

Not sure who represents you? Check out this locator tool.

Thank you for advocating for Charlotte’s trees.