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You’re Barking Up the RIGHT Tree

Questions about TreesCharlotte? You’ve come to the right place! TreesCharlotte was created as a public/private collaboration dedicated to planting trees, primarily through volunteer efforts, and has since established itself as a 501(c)3 nonprofit. With many working parts involved, there are naturally many questions about this endeavor. If your specific question is not addressed here, please contact us.



Is TreesCharlotte simply a non-profit?
No. TreesCharlotte is a collaboration of public and private partners, and is affiliated with Foundation For The Carolinas. The organizational model plays to the partners’ strengths, is entrepreneurial, and is most efficient.

I’m a tax payer in Charlotte. Why should I support TreesCharlotte in addition to the taxes I pay?
TreesCharlotte stretches tax dollars by engaging volunteers to plant and take care of trees. Through the collaboration, each dollar of public capital will be combined with private capital and will be further stretched by volunteer efforts. Plus, the goal can’t be met by planting only on public land, and private land planting is best done by a non-profit agency. TreesCharlotte is a unique legacy project for our community. For every $10,000 raised, we are able to plant and steward 125 trees.

Why isn’t this initiative a purely governmental program?
The City of Charlotte is a key partner in the TreesCharlotte collaboration. Non-government agencies are effective in community and volunteer engagement, particularly with most planting done on private property. The City will continue its world-class street tree program and public project plantings, and will support private volunteer planting with arborists, landscape design, planning support, and capital. There’s no feasible way to retain the canopy just using a governmental program; it needs the leadership of donors, partners and volunteers to bolster the efforts and get more trees in the ground.



How can I get involved in TreesCharlotte?

TreesCharlotte benefits from strong community support.

First, consider volunteering to plant trees.

Second, consider making a donation to TreesCharlotte on on the website, or by sending a gift to TreesCharlotte Foundation, c/o Foundation For The Carolinas (see the mailing address under the ‘Donate’ tab above).

Third, spread the word about TreesCharlotte to your friends and neighbors.

Lastly, plant a tree in your yard and water and care for the trees you have – you and they will benefit! Tree care advice can be found on our Resources page.



How do I make a donation to TreesCharlotte?

Donations to TreesCharlotte can be made with a credit card here or by sending a contribution to:

701 Tuckaseegee Road
Charlotte, NC 28208

For gifts of securities, click here.



Does Charlotte have an ordinance to protect trees?

The most recent revision of the tree ordinance goes a long way toward protecting a percentage of trees when new neighborhoods or commercial facilities are constructed, while still encouraging economic growth. The ordinance will help save 10-15% tree coverage in some areas, and requires more trees in parking lots. The ordinance is an important part of a multi-strategy solution to meet the canopy goal.



Do you plant trees in memory of loved ones that have passed away, or in honor a family member or co-worker?

TreesCharlotte has both a Memorial Tree and Honorary program to celebrate the life of a special friend, colleague, or family member or to honor your family, friends, co-workers, or clients.

Learn more about honoring someone with a tree.

Where will my tree(s) be planted? Can I choose the location?

Due to the nature of our work, we are not able to place markings or identifiers on trees, nor can we tell you the exact location, unless you choose the Personal Tree option. We invite all of our tree dedicators and recipients to participate in our tree planting and tree care events. Please refer to our events calendar for upcoming opportunities.

Can I make a dedication for other occasions besides memorials?

Yes! Gifts of NeighborWoods Trees can be made to commemorate any occasion, including birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, graduations and many more.

How do I arrange payment for my gift?

Your gifts should be coordinated through Chuck Cole and directed to TreesCharlotte Foundation, c/o Foundation For The Carolinas, 220 South Tryon Street, Charlotte, NC 28202. Gifts can also be made online at

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