Support TreesCharlotte

Thank you for growing Charlotte’s canopy!

Your support will help address critical canopy issues, from replacing trees lost to age, storms and development to building tree canopy in under-served communities. As you know, it takes years for a tree to reach its full capacity, which is why we need your help now!

Any level of donation is greatly appreciated. Here’s the impact you can make:

  • $50 covers the purchase of one tree from our growers.
  • $175 waters one tree for one year.
  • $450 covers the purchase of a tree, the planting process, and the watering of that tree for one year.
  • $1,000 covers the cost of stewarding 20 trees that were previously planted, to help ensure their survivability.
  • $5,000 supports the overall mission and individuals will be recognized with a leaf in the TreesCharlotte Honorary Garden at Freedom Park. 

To discuss other ways to give (Donor Advised Funds, Stocks, Planned Giving, Corporate Sponsorship) contact Development Manager Beth Brodie at 704.293.4462 or

Donate today and let’s grow Charlotte’s iconic canopy!