Summer Tree Care

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TreesCharlotte Spring 2016 Newsletter

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Protect your trees from the dog days of summer.

As the days get hotter and the threat of summer storms increases, it’s important to make sure your trees are properly cared for. Here’s a checklist to prepare your trees for summer:

Water More

Water your tree once a week during normal weather conditions and twice a week during dry spells. Provide 5 or so gallons, applied slowly.


Check trees for damage and warning signs, such as wilted foliage, yellowing leaves, infestation from insects and drought stress.


Invite a professional arborist to evaluate your trees and remove trees or limbs that may be unsafe.


Cut down branches that are dead, diseased or unsafe. Monitoring the structure of your trees can encourage healthy growth.


Fertilize trees and shrubs as part of your annual program.


Cable, brace or remove weak limbs before the heavy winds and rain from summer storms cause further damage.

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