Trees Along the Blue Line

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The long-anticipated opening of the Blue Line Extension is The Big Thing happening this spring. So, in the interest of making sure you know everything about it, let us tell you a bit about the trees you’ll see on your light rail journey.

Like most civic projects, the Blue Line Extension came with a landscaping plan. But this plan had some challenges, including:

    • Ensuring the trees didn’t pose a danger to the tracks, namely by dropping leaves on the rails and creating “slippery rail”
    • Incorporating any art commissioned for the route
    • Creating an identity, especially at stations
    • Beautifying the route, stations and parking lots



Along Tryon Street, from Old Concord Road to University City Boulevard:

    • Multi-stem Muskogee Crape Myrtle
    • Tulip Poplar (City Side Street)
    • Jane Saucer Magnolia (City Side Street)
    • Chinese Pistache
    • Nuttall Oak (City Side Street)
    • Forest Pansy Redbud – will be installed in 2018
    • Aeryn Trident Maple
    • Main Street Shantung Maple

Along Tryon Street, from University City Boulevard to the UNC Charlotte campus:

    • Commemoration Sugar Maple
    • Single-stem Muskogee Crape Myrtle
    • Willow Oak (City Side Street)
    • Leonard Messel Magnolia
    • Green Gable Black Gum
    • Harvest Moon Southern Sugar Maple
    • Aeryn Trident Maple
    • Main Street Shantung Maple
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