The gift of lemonade

Three tales of the gift of trees
Good news: No need to rake!

Five-year-old Matilda McCullough wanted to host a lemonade stand and give the money to a good cause. So, her mom looked up a couple of non-profit causes and gave Matilda a choice. And she picked TreesCharlotte, because who doesn’t love trees!?!

She and her little brother, Frankie, made posters to put around the neighborhood. Mom sent emails to neighbors and asked TreesCharlotte to push on our Facebook page. On a hot Saturday in August, this little entrepreneur with a heart for trees sold the heck out of some lemonade. Sure, it took Grandpa’s last-minute $37 donation to get it past the $200 mark, but they did it. They even overdid it, raising $223.

Mom, Matilda and Frankie all came in to the TreesCharlotte office to personally deliver the cash, with most of it in a lot of one-dollar bills. When we asked Matilda why trees, she had an obvious answer for a 5-year-old girl: For the butterflies!