New initiative dedicated to planting trees across Charlotte

TreesCharlotte: City needs to boost planting of trees

by KATIE KILLEN / NBC Charlotte Staff

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Charlotte is looking for your help in making the Queen City greener.

TreesCharlotte is a new initiative dedicated to planting trees across the city. The organization says Charlotte’s tree canopy is one of the city’s most recognized natural resource.

City Council is calling for 500,000 trees to be planted by 2050. TreesCharlotte is the public/private collaborative dedicated to making that goal happen.

Volunteers with Carolina’s Healthcare system is just one of the many groups helping. Just last week they planted saplings in the Little Rock community.

“When they came to us and said here’s an opportunity to plant trees and help the environment and air quality, we jumped on it,” said Lois Ingland, of Carolina Health Care System.

Experts say trees play a big role here in Charlotte. In addition to raising property values they also have health benefits. “Trees do a great job of helping to purify and clean the air.

They also do a lot for water quality, because they slow the running of storm water and help to pick up pollutants of storm water,” said Dave Cable, Director of TreesCharlotte.

Cable also said Charlotte has an abundance of trees right now, but that’s changing. As the economy rebounds, Charlotte loses trees to development.

He also said there’s concern over the city’s willow oaks.

“It’s a geriatric canopy, so we are losing a lot of trees because of the age of the trees.”

TreesCharlotte encourages residents to plant trees on private property and to get involved with other planting volunteer opportunities around Charlotte.