Fill the field … with trees!

Fill the Field is our campaign to grow Charlotte’s canopy!

You may have heard that Charlotte is losing the tree equivalent of three football fields a day due to development and age. The good news? Together we can replenish these trees! Fill the Field is TreesCharlotte’s ongoing gifts campaign to replenish the canopy. For every $5,000 we raise, we can purchase 100 trees to plant at schools, parks, neighborhoods and beyond. As these trees grow to maturity, they will canopy a little more than an acre of land, or roughly the equivalent of a football field! Ready to fill a field? Donate here!

How many fields have we filled so far?

Field Naming Rights Challenge

To make this challenge even more fun, we’ll award “naming rights” to a field when an individual or group raises at least $5,000, the cost of canopying an acre of land. Maybe you’re a Charlotte 49ers Alum or a member of the Green Team at your job. Perhaps you and a group of buddies want to combine resources. You’ll see Naming Rights opportunities on the donation page.

In addition to earning Field Naming Rights, all $5,000 donors will also be recognized with a leaf in the TreesCharlotte Honorary Garden at Freedom Park.

Congrats to the following donors who filled an entire field!

Thank you to all Fill the Field donors:

Steak 48
Seth Peck
Scott Blanchard
Kim Ball
Wendy and Bob Bradford
Carver and Doug Buchanan
Linda Christopher
James Dunn
Brett Dupree

Anja and David Zimmerman
Julianne McCollum
Thrus and Patty Morton
Chip Nisbet
Kimberly Nofsinger
Ruth G Shaw
Annette Molinaro
Atrium Health
Susan Balk

Betty Chafin Rash
Caroline and Bob Sink
Andrew Ewing
Kim McClintock
Mr. John Petrone
John Rodgers
Emily Zimmern
Laura Grace
Kathy and Ben Hill

Beverley Davenport
Kodwo Ghartey-Tagoe
Randall Sargent
Chandra Torrence
Kay Roderick
Robert Salvia
Beverly and Jim Hance
Malcolm and Kim Smith
Patricia and Morris Spearman

Valerie Gackiere
Highland Creek HOA
Yen Duong
Charlotte Woman’s Club
Crescent Communities, LLC
Harry and Sandy Johnson
David Snider and Jeff Hall
Catherine Weston
Peggy Brookhouse

Walter and Sharon Sanders
Lisa Shpritz
Becka Tait
Judy Whiting
Erin Williams
Robert Zabel
Mary Hall
Marian Nisbet
Linda Reece

Cornelia Cornils
Marilyn Dotson
Margaret Fleeman
Cory Kaufman
Sarah Schweppe
Ann Caulkins and Kelley Anderson
Jim Thompson
Leslie and Michael Marsicano

Linda and Bill Farthing
Smitty and Jill Flynn
Vickie and Tom Gabbard
Sally Higgins and Ray Owens
Carla Jaynes
Kathleen King
Robert and Moira Klein
Stephen Krol
Isabella Lacki

Karen Knoble
Alicia and John Bowers
Carol and Peter Budko
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Carpenter
Dan Clodfelter
Cindy and Harvey Gantt
Lyttleton and Tom Hollowell
Audrey Madans
Andrew McGuigan

Pete and Phyllis Johnson
Ginger Kemp
Coco and Ray Killian
Sheila Peltzer
Wilhelmena Wallace
Anna Wood
Norma Chao
Anne Goff

Nancy and Dick Thigpen
Margret and Gerd Blankenburg
Davis Hebert
Derek Lindsley
Barbara Kennedy
Claire Lawrence
John Moody
Todd Williamson
Leo Caplanides

Jeri Casey
Lori Collins Luski
Lanie and Amy Finlayson
Richard Mattson
Heather Brent
J.M. Durnovich
Christine Ferraro
Tiffany Finch
Daniel Gagnon

Stephen Weil
Karen and Beau Bentley
Mike and Denise Burkard
Sarah and Frank Gentry
Katie and Mike James
Anita Kirby
Rolfe Neill
Chris Thomas
Starla Cook

Stephen Massa
Melissa and Michael McGuire
Julie B Morton
Edwin B Peacock, Jr.
Anne Robinson
Pat Rodgers
George W. and Brenda H. Rohe
Kathy Schmid
Beth Resler Walters

Linda Nelson
Drs. Clyda and George Rent
Ric and Kris Solow
Lynne and James Drummond
Christopher Eller
Kacy Forsberg
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Daniels
Carson Duffy
Daniel Iglhaut

Jen and Rick Rothacker
Nancy Swonger
Janet Haas
Maureen Roach
Erin Casey
Jule Gooch
Ann Marsh
Claudia and Wesley Sturges
Ms. Sloan Crawford

Catherine and Jim Metze
Jeanne Savage
Catherine and Jeff Armstrong
Kathleen Cesarz
Kerr and Tori Collins
Rick Pennebaker
Katy and Raleigh Shoemaker
Barbara and William Westphal
Mary Joyce and Stephen Monahan

Todd Kennedy
Phillip Kolb
Christine Kunkler
Kenda Laughey
Liz Lewis
Nic Mays
Susan McDonough
Brendan Reen
Brian Runkle

Ruth Ewing
David Molinaro and Cricket Weston
John L Dabbs III Ltd.
Brian and Sharon Foote
Michael Keller
Judy Ranson
Paul and Marcia Simon
Allison Navarro
Celeste Chambers

Did you know

Your support will help address critical canopy issues outlined in our 2018 study: 

  • Between 2012 and 2018, Charlotte lost 9,864 acres of trees. (New plantings restored 2,195 acres.)
  • The biggest loss of trees happened on residential property, due to new construction and renovation projects.
  • Many under-served neighborhoods have seen the biggest loss, including the former Boulevard Homes (now Renaissance West), Villa Heights and Cherry, due to gentrification.

Your donation’s impact

As you know, it takes years for a tree to reach its full capacity, which is why we need your help now to restore all that we’ve lost. Let’s Fill the Field and make sure Charlotte stays healthy, cool and beautiful! Any level of donation is greatly appreciated:

  • $50 covers the cost of a tree
  • $100 also covers the tree and its planting at a school, park, church, etc.
  • $250 covers the tree, the planting and the watering of that tree for a year
  • $5,000 fills an entire field with trees

Donate today at and let’s restore Charlotte’s iconic canopy!

Looking for the Urban Forest Master Plan?