Fill the field … with trees!

Fill the Field is our 2020-21 campaign to grow Charlotte’s canopy! (Read all about it below)

How many fields have we filled so far?

Thank you to our match benefactors:

Rose Holden Cole
American Security Mortgage
Jane and Nelson Schwab
Robert Bartlett
Thrus and Patty Morton

Thank you to all Fill the Field donors:

Mary Hall MD
Brian Runkle
Marian Nisbet
Linda Reece
Stephen Weil
Karen and Beau Bentley
Mike and Denise Burkard
Sarah and Frank Gentry
Katie and Mike James

David Snider & Jeff Hall
Ann Caulkins and Kelley Anderson
Jim Thompson
Leslie and Michael Marsicano

Anita Kirby
Susan McDonough
Rolfe Neill
Chris Thomas
Starla Cook
Ruth Ewing
David Molinaro and Cricket Weston
John L Dabbs III Ltd.
Brian and Sharon Foote

Michael Keller
Judy Ranson
Paul and Marcia Simon
Celeste Chambers
Cornelia Cornils
Marilyn Dotson
Margaret Fleeman
Cory Kaufman
Sarah Schweppe

About Fill the Field

You may have heard that Charlotte is losing the tree equivalent of three football fields a day due to development and age. The good news? Together we can replenish these trees! 

Fill the Field is TreesCharlotte’s 2020-21 gifts campaign to replenish the canopy. For every $5,000 we collectively raise, we can purchase 100 trees to plant at schools, parks, neighborhoods and beyond. As these trees grow to maturity, they will canopy a little more than an acre of land, or roughly the equivalent of a football field (or soccer, rugby, field hockey … whatever kind of field you can imagine)!

Double your impact

Thanks to the generosity of supporters Rose Holden Cole, American Security Mortgage, Jane and Nelson Schwab, Robert Bartlett and Thrus and Patty Morton, the first $50,000 raised will be doubled. If we hit that $50,000 match, we’ll have $100,000 to restore 2,000 trees to our beautiful city! Imagine the impact your gift will make to help restore Charlotte’s iconic tree canopy and keep our city beautiful, cool and healthy. Wow. 

Field naming rights

To make this challenge even more fun, donate on behalf of your favorite group and earn “naming rights” to the field you fill together. Maybe you’re a Charlotte 49ers Alum or a member of the Green Team at your job. Perhaps you and a group of buddies want to combine resources. You’ll see Naming Rights opportunities on the donation page.

Did you know

Your support will help address critical canopy issues outlined in our 2018 study: 

  • Between 2012 and 2018, Charlotte lost 9,864 acres of trees. (New plantings restored 2,195 acres.)
  • The biggest loss of trees happened on residential property, due to new construction and renovation projects.
  • Many under-served neighborhoods have seen the biggest loss, including the former Boulevard Homes (now Renaissance West), Villa Heights and Cherry, due to gentrification.

Your donation’s impact

As you know, it takes years for a tree to reach its full capacity, which is why we need your help now to restore all that we’ve lost. Let’s Fill the Field and make sure Charlotte stays healthy, cool and beautiful! Any level of donation is greatly appreciated:

  • $50 covers the cost of a tree
  • $100 also covers the tree and its planting at a school, park, church, etc.
  • $250 covers the tree, the planting and the watering of that tree for a year
  • $5,000 fills an entire field with trees

All donors will be listed in the TreesCharlotte annual report this spring. Donors gifting $5,000 or more will be recognized with a leaf in the TreesCharlotte Honorary Garden at Freedom Park. Throughout the campaign, track the progress we’re all making together at with our fun tree-filled football field maps! 

Donate today at and let’s restore Charlotte’s iconic canopy!

Looking for the Urban Forest Master Plan?