• Plant

    TreesCharlotte is a public/private collaborative dedicated to planting 15,000 trees annually through volunteer efforts.

  • Preserve

    TreesCharlotte is committed to preserving the tree canopy through education, conservation, and community engagement.

  • Celebrate

    TreesCharlotte partners with like-minded community groups to celebrate and promote trees, our most treasured natural asset.

Carbon Offset Calculator

Directly reducing our carbon footprint is clearly ideal, but some level of carbon emissions are unavoidable. A great way to compensate for these emissions is through the purchase of carbon offsets. Calculate yours today. Learn More →


The NeighborWoods program is a collaborative effort designed to replenish and sustain the tree canopy, while also offering instruction on proper tree care and maintenance. We want to work with your neighborhood! Learn More →

Helpful Videos About Trees

The benefits of trees are far-reaching, and impact each and every one of us. Everyone has a critical role to play in efforts to expand our tree canopy, and our videos offer helpful tips and more information about tree stewardship. Learn More →