Who We Are

Keeping Charlotte The City of Trees

In 2012, TreesCharlotte was created as a public/private collaboration dedicated to planting trees, primarily through volunteer efforts with a focus on underserved communities. As a 501(c)3 nonprofit, TreesCharlotte also educates Charlotte’s residents on the importance of the canopy and ways to plant and preserve trees.

A healthy tree canopy means a healthier environment for Charlotte residents. Among the myriad benefits, trees clean our air, filter our water, ease storm water run-off, reduce our energy usage, cool our streets, parks, and homes, increase property values and provide natural beauty that is the envy of cities across the world.

Unfortunately, Charlotte’s urban forest is old, fragile and depleting. In recognition of the canopy’s importance, the Charlotte City Council adopted a bold goal to grow Charlotte’s tree canopy. Achieving this goal calls for planting 500,000 trees over the coming decades.

The mission of TreesCharlotte is made possible thanks to the generous support and involvement of our dedicated donors, partners and corporate sponsors, and our network of volunteers.

To date, TreesCharlotte has planted or given away 27,195 containerized trees and an additional 36,008 reforestation seedlings, engaged 14,742 volunteers, educated thousands of students and residents on tree care and tree benefits, and held numerous stewardship events to care for trees already planted.

Looking for the Urban Forest Master Plan?