Treesilience for Community Members

Building Community through Trees

TreesCharlotte is proud to bring our Treesilience Initiative to the neighborhoods of Ramblewood, McCrorey Heights, & Greenville! Treesilience is a holistic tree care initiative aimed to protect and enhance Charlotte’s under-canopied and under-served neighborhoods while building community through trees. Through the generosity of corporate sponsors, Ramblewood, McCrorey Heights, & Greenville residents can participate in Treesilience at no cost.

Homeowners and renters alike are encouraged to participate. Renters must submit a letter of permission, to participate in tree plantings, from their landlord.

TreesCharlotte defines “under-canopied” neighborhoods as neighborhoods with a tree canopy that is less 40% or less. The City of Charlotte currently holds a tree canopy of around 47%. According to our last tree canopy survey from 2023, McCrorey Heights’ tree canopy is at 35%, Ramblewood’s tree canopy is at 38%, and Greenville’s tree canopy is at 23%. Neighborhoods with a lower tree canopy have a higher exposure to air pollution, which can have a detrimental effect on health and disproportionately affects people living in socio-economically disadvantaged areas. Our goal is to lessen exposure to air pollution from highways and industrial complexes through trees.

Please read all the information below:

Treesilience Programs


Treesilience community activities are designed to engage the community that we are serving. Community events are free for Treesilience community members. Check out the events calendar here!


All community residents are encouraged to participate in our Tree Planting program, aimed to build each community’s canopy and deliver all of the benefits that trees have to give. Participants receive guidance to aid with “right tree, right place.” They can choose from a variety of native and naturalized tree species that will provide shade and slow storm surges. We provide the plan, trees, mulch, and tools, while our TreeMasters guide volunteers to plant the new trees. If you are a renter of a property and would like to participate in this program, we encourage you to work with your landlord to submit an application, with their written approval.

Tree Adoption Option: For any residents looking to build their backyard tree canopy or would like to plant their own trees, there is an option to adopt trees to plant on your own.


Tree Care can include Mature Canopy Care for large trees in need of significant tree work (including but not limited to: crown reduction/cleaning; removal of hazardous trees). TreesCharlotte will also conduct a tree care day in each neighborhood to provide free mulch to any interested community members.

Mature Canopy Care

By teaming up with an ISA Certified Arborist, TreesCharlotte will work with community members and our arborist to identify private property mature trees that need care. Trees of concern are assessed by our certified arborist to determine their health and the recommended course of action. Trees that are deemed hazardous enough for removal will be replaced with a new tree following our “right tree, right place” training. Residents are eligible for free Mature Canopy Care if their household income does not exceed 80% of the area’s median income based on number of people in the family (see chart below). These income requirements are set annually by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Applicants will be required to indicate the number of persons that live in the household and provide proof of income. Applicants also must have a tree on their property that is threatening their safety, attend the Mature Canopy Care Workshop (required) as well as one additional Tree Engagement event, and agree before mature canopy care work begins to have any trees removed from their property replaced with a new tree.

When does this take place?

Treesilience is a three-year, annual tree care program, starting in April 2023. We will engage with your neighborhood each season to provide a different aspect of tree care as described above, along with educational and community-building activities. Please refer to our Treesilience Calendar to see all of the events that will take place in your neighborhood.

Who qualifies?

Eligible residents must:

  • Own their home OR
  • Rent their home and have their landlord’s written approval to participate*
  • Reside within the neighborhood limits of Ramblewood, Greenville or McCrorey Heights

*Tree Engagement events are open to both homeowners and renters without landlord approval. Landlord approval is needed for Front Yard Plantings and TreeAdoptions. A letter from your landlord that includes the tenant’s name, rental address, landlord’s full name, contact phone, email, and address, and their signature is required for approval. Rental properties are not included for Mature Canopy Care.

All residents of Ramblewood, McCrorey Heights, & Greenville are eligible for four Treesilience Programs:

  • Tree Engagement
  • Front Yard Tree Planting
  • Tree Adoption
  • Tree Stewardship

Qualifying residents are eligible for Mature Canopy Care if they:*

  • Have a household income of 80% or lower than the AMI for Mecklenburg County (see chart below),
  • Have a tree on their property that is threatening their safety,
  • Agree to have replacement tree(s) planted if any tree(s) must be removed,
  • Agree to attend the Mature Canopy Care Workshop (see Treesilience Calendar for details),
  • Agree to attend at least one Treesilience Engagement Event (see Treesilience Calendar for opportunities),
  • Own the home where Mature Canopy Care is being completed.

*Qualifying residents with hazardous mature trees may receive additional support if funding is available. TreesCharlotte will work with a Certified ISA Arborist and qualifying residents to assess dangerous tree removal and replacement or pruning of hazardous branches. Trees and limbs will only be removed if they are deemed hazardous and all trees that are taken down will be replaced with at least one replacement tree on the same property.


While our Treesilience Program is free of charge for all Treesilience neighborhood residents, TreesCharlotte does purchase our trees from various North Carolina growers and contract with a third-party arborist. Therefore, as a non-profit, we appreciate any donations residents have to support TreesCharlotte. Additional donations help us support residents who are not able to donate.

About our trees

We love our trees, and we think you will, too!  Our trees are sourced from three different N.C. growers and are either native or naturalized to this region.

TreesCharlotte values biodiversity and works to prioritize tree survivability and ecosystem health and therefore we cannot always guarantee the availability of each tree. If a tree that is selected is not available at the time of planting, we will work with each resident to choose a similar type of tree for your property. We do, however, always practice Right Tree, Right Place and will work with each resident on the appropriate species for each property.  Our trees are typically 2-4 years old, potted in 3, 5 or 7-gallon containers and are about 5 to 10 feet tall at planting.

Learn more about our trees here!

Post-planting care

Once a community/organization receives TreesCharlotte trees, they responsible for the trees’ long-term care. Please consider the following before applying:

Water: Our trees need about 5 gallons of water per week, and during hot, dry months (April-October). Throughout the winter months (November-March), watering is not necessary every week however please water your tree if it’s been four or more consecutive weeks without rainfall.

Mulch: TreesCharlotte will provide mulch for all Treesilience Front Yard Trees at the time of planting, up to three years after the program begins. However, we strongly encourage the continued use of mulch throughout a tree’s life. You can use hardwood chips, pine needles, or the leaves that fall in autumn.

Pruning: Pruning trees when they are young will reduce their chances of developing problems as they age. TreesCharlotte will provide train pruning for all Treesilience Front Yard Trees for up to three years after the program begins, however we strongly encourage train pruning all young neighborhood trees each winter season. Learn about pruning young trees here! 

What happens once you’re approved?

Once you apply, we will be in touch to talk more about the program and to schedule a meeting with your neighborhood’s leadership team. We will begin working with each resident to determine the scope of work that will take place at each residence.

State of Your Canopy Booklets

After our tree mapping events, we created “State of Your Canopy” booklets to share with the residents of Ramblewood and McCrorey Heights. See the links below!

Ramblewood “State of Your Canopy” 2023

McCrorey Heights “State of Your Canopy” 2023


Email our Community Engagement Manager, Joi Mayo