#078 Devil's Walking Stick (Aralia spinosa)

The Devil’s Walking Stick named a Treasure Tree has since died but its offspring are alive. However, they likely be removed with the renovation of VanLandingham Estate.

Statistics (1997)

  • Circumference (In.): 16"
  • Height (Ft.): 20'
  • Avg. Crown Spread (Ft.): 15'
  • Total Points: 40

More Information

  • Nominated By: Mark Gilleskie
  • Year Added: 1997
  • Owned By: VLE Partners LLC
  • Current condition: Gone
  • Neighborhood: Plaza Midwood
  • Property Type: Private
  • Nearest Address: Private Property
  • Ecological Value: The Devil’s Walking Stick gets its name from the prickly thorns that cover the trunks and branches. It has the largest compound leaves in North America.