Paw Creek Village Volunteer Reg

Paw Creek Village Volunteer Registration

This form is to register to volunteer. To register for trees return to the event page and click "Register For Trees."
  • Contact Information

  • A valid email address is required in order to communicate with you important details of the event.
  • Is this your first time volunteering with TreesCharlotte?
  • Additional people volunteering with you? To get an accurate count, please list the name(s) of anyone that will be joining you as well as ages of any children. Groups of 10 or more should contact Heike Biller to determine availability.
  • If you are volunteering as part of a company, organization, or school, please select from the list below. If your group does not appear, please list the name of your group in the "Other" field below.
  • TreeMaster

    TreeMasters are dedicated lead volunteers who receive training on volunteer management and proper planting techniques. They are vital to the success of TreesCharlotte planting events throughout the city. Learn how to become a TreeMaster.
  • Are you a TreeMaster?
  • Thank you for volunteering with TreesCharlotte!

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