#140 Southern Magnolia (Magnolia grandiflora)

This magnolia is large enough to be a contender for state champion. It sits in a small park off Hermitage Road just a few feet away from an original Treasure Tree, the Bigleaf Magnolia. Historical records indicate this park was very likely the front yard of J.S. "Jack" Myers' original country house. Myers is the namesake of the Myers Park neighborhood.

Statistics (2022)

  • Circumference (In.): 235"
  • Height (Ft.): 90'
  • Avg. Crown Spread (Ft.): 75'
  • Total Points: 344

More Information

  • Nominated By: Tom Martin
  • Year Added: 2022
  • Owned By: Myers Park Civic Convention
  • Current condition: Good
  • Neighborhood: Myers Park
  • Property Type: Private Park
  • Nearest Address: 585 Hermitage Rd, Charlotte, NC 28207
  • Ecological Value: The Magnolia is one of the oldest species of trees in the world. Southern Magnolias are widely planted in commercial and residential settings. Extracts from the bark, flowers, leaves and fruit have a variety of applications in the pharmaceutical industry.
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