Champion Trees

The Biggest and Oldest Become Champion Trees

A Champion Tree is a spectacular sight to behold. For decades, the NC Forest Service has tracked the most remarkable species of trees across the state, and 15 of these designated Champions are located in Charlotte. These trees represent some of the oldest, heartiest, and most beautiful trees our City has to offer.

Championship Pedigree

Every tree in Charlotte has an important role to play, but some trees stand out from the rest. There are those whose age, size, or historical significance set them apart and allow them to be designated as Champion Trees. Beginning in the 1970’s, the NC Forest Service began overseeing North Carolina’s Champion Big Trees program, and there are more than a dozen designated trees in the Charlotte area, including the Alaska Cedar (Chamaecyparis nootkatensis) on the grounds of the historic Rosedale Plantation.

Charlotte’s Champion Trees

  • Alaska cedar
  • Chinese elm
  • Chinese parasol tree
  • Chinese privet
  • Deodar cedar
  • Glossy privet
  • Japanese pagoda tree
  • Japanese zelkova
  • Leyland cypress
  • Lilac chaste tree
  • Pumpkin ash
  • Sawtooth oak
  • Sourwood

To learn more, visit the NC Forest Service website for eligible tree species.