Youth Focus

Saplings Blossom Into Champions

A core focus of TreesCharlotte is educating the community on the value and importance of trees. One of the best ways to achieve this objective is to provide opportunities for young people to develop an early appreciation for trees and the environment. By engaging kids, we hope to foster a better understanding and respect for our natural surroundings. We also have programs to help spread the good word about trees to Charlotte’s residents and share tree care tips.

Giving a LIFT to Tree Education

TreesCharlotte is proud to partner with Project LIFT, a public/private partnership that seeks transformational learning opportunities for students who traditionally perform poorly in school. Their mission is to ensure these students are equipped and ready to enter the 21st century and beyond. Our partnership with Project LIFT focused on raising students’ awareness of the value of trees on their school grounds and encouraged student participation in planting trees at Thomasboro Academy, West Charlotte High School, Ranson Middle School, and WG Byers.

A Good Foundation in Tree Knowledge

TreesCharlotte is focused on teaching elementary, middle and high school students about the power of trees in an urban core. In the program, classroom work precedes planting trees on the school campuses. Together with Project LIFT, TreesCharlotte is providing a fun, interesting way to learn about trees and our relationship with them.

This video was created by the Alabama Cooperative Extension System, a program of Alabama A&M and Auburn Universities. This lecture doodle examines some of the basic reasons why trees are important not just for their beauty, but also for their contributions to our health, our community, and our economic stability.

CMS Partnerships

TreesCharlotte enlists TreeChampions in the schools where we plant trees. TreeChampions are teachers who work to drive TreesCharlotte’s tree-curricula into the school programs. The TreeChampions are paid a $500 stipend for their efforts to educate students on trees and tree benefits to the urban environment, and to help enlist students and parents to volunteer to help plant trees.

NC Wildlife Federation (NCWF) Partnership

TreesCharlotte works with NCWF’s Outdoor University to provide free and fun educational offerings at TreesCharlotte community tree planting events.