Success Stories – Planting Events

We Dug, We Planted, We Canopied!

Our community volunteer events are critical to our mission. These planting events are great opportunities to meet neighbors, spend time with co-workers, have some fun, and do something wonderful for our city in the process. Check out all the great work we have done, and then sign up to be a part of our next event!

Tasked with achieving the bold goal of tree canopy coverage of 50% by 2050, TreesCharlotte depends on community volunteer events to help move us towards that goal. To reach these targets, we must plant up to 15,000 trees each year, and the vast majority of these are planted by our dedicated volunteers. We are so appreciative of everyone who takes the time to volunteer with TreesCharlotte, and we want to acknowledge these efforts by highlighting some of our recent events.

Event Highlights

City Wide TreeStore – November 2015

Woodbury Common Areas TreeDay Event with Pulte – October 2015

Winget Park Elementary TreeDay – October 2015

Despite a rainy morning, 75 volunteers helped plant 153 trees around the campus. Click here for a photo gallery of the event

Brightwalk and Anita Stroud Park TreeDay – April 2015

Our last event of the 2014-15 planting season and the weather was hot. Nevertheless, 172 trees were planted by passionate volunteers. Click here for a photo gallery of the event

End of Planting Season TreeStore – April 2015

Our first community wide TreeStore held at the City of Charlotte’s Landscape Management facility was a huge success. Click here for a photo gallery of the event

West Charlotte High School Stewardship Event – April 2015

A small but powerful force of volunteers went back to West Charlotte High School to stake and mulch trees that were planted last fall. 

Community House Middle School TreeDay – April 2015

Although it looked like it was going to storm, the weather held off so volunteers from Carolinas HealthCare System could plant 272 trees. BBQ provided by North Carolina growers was enjoyed by everyone. Click here for a photo gallery of the event

Philip O Berry Academy TreeDay – March 2015

This high school campus is a little greener with the addition of 152 trees.  Click here for a photo gallery of the event

Madison Park at Wallace Farms and Sinclair Place TreeDay – March 2015

It was a beautiful morning to be giving away trees and planting in the common areas. Click here for a photo gallery of the event

J.W. Grier Elementary School TreeDay – March 2015

Although we had to reschedule this event from an earlier date, Rotary volunteers came out in force to plant 430 trees on the campus of J.W. Grier Elementary. Click here for a photo gallery of the event

Buckleigh TreeDay – March 2015

Despite the rainy and cold conditions, residents enthusiastically picked up trees to plant in their yards. We also had a group of dedicated volunteers plant in common areas. Click here for a photo gallery of the event

Highland Mill Montessori TreeDay and NoDa & Villa Heights TreeStore – March 2015

During a campus beautification event, volunteers planted trees around the school. Simultaneously, residents of NoDa and Villa Heights picked up free trees to plant in their yards. Click here for a photo gallery of the event

Hebrew Cemetery TreeDay – February 2015

Enthusiastic volunteers enjoyed the sunny, warm weather and helped plant trees at the Hebrew Cemetery. Click here for a photo gallery of the event

Waddell Language Academy Stewardship Event – February 2015

It was a beautiful morning to take care of trees that were planted last year at Waddell Language Academy. Click here for a photo gallery of the event

Garinger High School TreeDay – December 2014

Despite the cold, rainy conditions, 160 volunteers got 372 trees in the ground around Garinger High School. Click here for a photo gallery of the event

MLK Middle School Stewardship Event – November 2014

Volunteers helped maintain trees planted on the campus last spring.  They replanted struggling trees, staked and mulched existing trees. Click here for a photo gallery of the event

Oakbrook TreeDay – November 2014

Residents and volunteers worked together to make Oakbrook a little more green. Click here for a photo gallery of the event

Sugar Creek Charter School TreeDay – November 2014

A small but enthusiastic group of volunteer helps plant  73 trees around the campus.

Croft Community School TreeDay – October 2014

What better way to spend Halloween than planting trees.  Volunteers from Carolinas HealthCare Systems and the community planted 446 trees around the campus. 

Plaza Midwood TreeStore – October 2014

A record 311 trees were given to residents of Plaza Midwood. Click here for a photo gallery of the event

Ranson Middle School – October 2014

194 trees are now shading the campus of Ranson IB Middle School.  141 volunteers, many from AXA Insurance and the school joined us for the morning. Click here for a photo gallery of the event

Park Ridge TreeStore – October 2014

Park Ridge residents took home 148 free trees to plant in their yards. Click here for a photo gallery of the event

Burtonwood TreeStore – October 2014

Residents of Burtonwood have a little more shade in their neighborhood following this TreeStore event. 100 trees were given away within 2 hours. Click here for a photo gallery of the event

Thomasboro Academy – April 2014

Thomasboro Academy is a cooler campus with the addition of 201 trees, including trees along a south facing retaining wall. Click here for a photo gallery of the event. Check out the PDF to learn more.

Walter G. Byers School and Greenville Park – April 2014

Walter G. Byers and neighboring Greenville Park look a lot different after 71 volunteers planted 108 trees. Click here for a photo gallery of the event. Check out the PDF to learn more.

Reid Park Academy – April 2014

Reid Park Academy got a fabulous makeover thanks to our dedicated team of volunteers who collectively gave 438 hours to plant 213 trees. Check out the PDF to learn more.

Dillehay Courts – March 2014

Our hearts were in the right place wanting to plant trees on Valentine’s Day but a snow storm got in the way.  We were able to rescheduled with Carolina HealthCare Systems for a safer date in March, altough it did still rain! Check out the PDF to learn more.

Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School – February 2014

255 volunteers from District Rotary 7680 and the community planted 425 trees in 3 hours on February 22. The weather was perfect and, thanks to all the recent snow and rain, digging was easy!

Check out our photo gallery of the volunteer day.

We captured the day on video!

Our Volunteers Said:

Various participants said, “this is event is well-organized”, “this planting is easier than I thought” and “wow – look at all these people out here helping. This is so cool!”


Brawley Farms & Bristol Farms – December 2013

Whew! Thanks to a small army of cheerful volunteers, we planted a LOT of trees!  Click here for a photo gallery of the event.  Check out the PDF to learn more.

Our Volunteers Said:

“I had a great time. It was also great doing this with my son and some of my neighbors.My son and I had fun looking up all the different trees. He was so excited, and that is hard to get out of a 15-year-old. We now have a small orchard in our back yard, so in a few years, we may need help eating all the fruit!” – Kristine Faucette

“This was a great event for the community! So nice to see us all come together for a great cause. Just further evidence of what great people we have in our community. I can’t wait to see the fruit of our labor!” – Iman Austin

“It was great seeing everyone driving around with trees in their trunkss and helping each other! What a great way to build a community by getting to know each other and making our homes and neighborhood environment beautiful.” – Stacey Henderson

“This was awesome! I love my trees already! Can’t wait for springtime!!” – Serita Wright

Oak Valley – November 2013

Oak Valley Lane got a fabulous makeover thanks to our dedicated team of volunteers. Check out the PDF to learn more.

West Charlotte High School – November 2013

Like a pride of lions, a great team of volunteers helped make our West Charlotte HS planting a huge success! Check out the PDF to learn more.

Our Volunteers Said:

“On behalf of Mr. John Wall, principal, I just want to personally thank you for the trees that were planted on this campus (West Charlotte High School). They are blooming and certainly enhance the grounds and add a beautiful natural decor.
We are truly appreciative that WCHS was one of the schools chosen for this project. You are most welcome to come back again and again to this campus for future beautification projects.” – Dr. Daisy R. Walker, Volunteer Coordinator – Communities In Schools of Charlotte-Mecklenburg, Inc.

Waddell Language Academy – November 2013

The weather may have been lousy, but our great team of volunteers did not let that dampen their spirits! Check out the PDF to learn more.

Our Volunteers Said:

“This was one of the most exciting and wonderful events I have been a part of at our school. Also, certainly the messiest. I felt like a kid in a mud puddle again! It was heart warming to see how many people took time off from their lives to enrich our schools campus and the lives of our students.” – Eric Ackerson            

Bette Rae Thomas Park – October 2013

The fruits of our labor will be appreciated for years to come.  Thanks to Foundation For The Carolinas for planting fruit trees at the park! Check out the PDF to learn more.

Our Volunteers Said:

“Thank you to all that came out to the TreesCharlotte event!!! MAN, was that a blast!!!

We truly appreciated everyone’s chipper and go get’em attitudes and the teamwork was AMAZING!!! It was so great to see so many of you having a ton of fun regardless that the ground was made primarily out of LARGE rocks. But yet no one quit, or whined or went home early.” – Ashlee Cloud

McIntyre  – October 2013

Despite the wet weather, the neighborhood came out in force to plant trees, both at home and in the common areas! Check out the PDF to learn more.

Our Volunteers Said:

I would also like to say THANK YOU to everyone who helped plant the street tress! They are absolutely beautiful and I look forward to the fall colors. It really makes us happy to drive up to a beautiful neighborhood knowing we actually live there.  Thanks again, I really appreciate all that everyone has done! – Resident Angie Gover

Planting Event Testimonials

“Yesterday’s event was wonderful. I have been dreaming about a Tu B’Schvat tree planting event at our cemetery since I started this job. Nearly six years later it has now come to fruition. Over 80 volunteers, the youngest five years old, the oldest 93, rolled up their sleeves and dug into the grounds and pushed in trees. They all not only enhanced our beautiful grounds but were educated by you and your wonderful volunteers. I could not have envisioned a better outcome. Thank you for your vision, passion and guidance to make this day such a successful one.”

– Sandra Goldman, Director, Hebrew Cemetery Association

“Our TreesCharlotte event was a resounding success. We knew we’d plant trees, and increase the canopy of Charlotte, but we had no idea how powerful the event would be to pull together members from across the community. Community partners, business partners, neighbors, fraternal organizations, faculty and staff, even students from other schools came together in the name of service and the environment. We can’t thank TreesCharlotte enough for the good work they did to pull the event together. They even taught us how to band our oak trees, one of the most distinctive natural features of the school. We look forward to our ongoing partnership with TreesCharlotte as our trees grow, and will harness their good work to spread the movement of environmental sustainability and stewardship within and beyond our school.”

Mike Drye, Principal, Garinger High School

“The partnership between TreesCharlotte, CMS, Project L.I.F.T., and Ranson IB Middle School is a prime example of how I envision community partnerships working to serve our school. Through the collaboration of each partner, we were able to not only beautify our campus, but also build relationships with community members and business partners for a lasting legacy for years to come. The best part of the tree planting experience was that we had Ranson IB scholars and staff working alongside AXA employees and UNCC students- all working together to enhance our community.”

Alison L. Harris, Principal, Ranson Middle, an International Baccalaureate World School, Project L.I.F.T.

Dear Trees Charlotte,

We can not thank you enough for helping us with our tree project at our new elementary school. We have 40 beautiful trees that line our carpool line and playgrounds. They are absolutely beautiful and you guys could not have been any more helpful, kind and informative! Thank you! We are so grateful to you and all your supporters who helped make our tree campaign a huge success! We can’t wait to see the cherry blossoms bloom in the spring and the beautiful foliage on the maples next fall. We also planted tulip and daffodil bulbs at the base of all the trees that you all so graciously gave us. Please stop by Palisades Park Elementary in the spring to see the beautiful display (hopefully they all bloom in the spring!) We are looking forward to more shade, more beauty and cleaner air because of the trees that Trees Charlotte provided our campus.

Thank you!
– Elise Jenkin, Beautification Committee PPES