Tree Education & Resources

Branch Out to Find the Help You Need

Expanding the tree canopy is a worthwhile mission that benefits our entire community. From individual efforts to group collaborations, every planting is a cause for celebration! Whether you are tackling your own project or working with others, we want you to have the best information to ensure the long-term health of all new trees.

Tree Care Videos

Properly caring for trees is not difficult, but it is tremendously important! Best practices are vital to give a tree the best opportunity to grow and prosper. Learn More →

Calculate Your Carbon Offset

Carbon Offset Calculator

Carbon offsets help fund projects to minimize the impact of these emissions. Our calculator makes the math easy! Learn More →

Charlotte Tree Resources

Tree preservation is a collaborative effort. There are many useful resources and services dedicated to the protection of our tree canopy. Learn More →

Children’s Resources

A huge part of the TreesCharlotte mission is engaging young people in an early appreciation of trees and environmental stewardship. Learn More →

Arborist Referrals

Professional arborists are knowledgeable specialists that are trained and equipped to provide proper care for trees. Learn More →

Tree Planting and Care

Trees provide significant environmental benefits for people living in urban areas, and they also offer aesthetic and conservational values. It is important to know when, where and how to plant a tree, and what to do to help it thrive. Learn More →

Protect Trees from Harm

Even with proper care and maintenance, trees can still be susceptible to adverse environmental influences. This might be in the form of drought conditions, incursion by invasive species, and the arrival of pests – especially cankerworms. Learn More →

Healthy Air Report

A global analysis of the role of urban trees in addressing particulate matter pollution and extreme heat. Click below to view the report then visit The Nature Conservancy website for more information. Learn More →