Give a Gift of Stock

Stock Up on TreesCharlotte!

A gift of appreciated stock can be a great way to help TreesCharlotte, while also boosting your after-tax position. We make it safe and easy to make a contribution that pays dividends to the entire community. It is the perfect way to beautify our City and your bottom line at the same time!

A Stock Option that Generates a Lot Green!

TreesCharlotte is supported by the TreesCharlotte Foundation, which is housed at Foundation For The Carolinas. It is very easy to make a stock gift to the TreesCharlotte Foundation, though you should consult your tax advisor before making a gift or pledge.

To make the gift, simply call or email Donor Relations at 704-973-4529 or Susan Nelson oversees stock donations at FFTC.

Your gift of stock is tax deductible and you will not pay capital gains tax on any stock you transfer (please check with your tax advisor for verification). After the transfer is complete, please contact Dave Cable to let us know about your gift.

If you have any questions, please contact Dave Cable at 704-577-2004 or by email at

TreesCharlotte Foundation Stock Delivery Instructions

To donate stock electronically:

  • Donor should contact Financial Advisor to request delivery to Foundation For The Carolinas.
  • Donor should notify the Foundation that the securities they have requested a transfer to benefit TreesCharlotte.
  • FFTC will liquidate securities upon receipt and notify the church of the gift.
  • Proceeds from the sale will be applied to TreesCharlotte Foundation #1819.
  • Donor will receive gift acknowledgment with the details from FFTC as well as an annual Charitable Gift Receipt

To donate stock in certificate form:

Notify the Foundation that you intend to either hand deliver or mail your stock certificate to us. Stock certificate transfers require the completion of specific paperwork with special signatures that must be completed before our brokers will accept and process the transfer. The Foundation will work with you to ensure your stock is transferred, sold and processed as quickly as possible.

Contact Donor Relations at or 704-973-4529.
Foundation For The Carolinas
220 North Tryon Street
Charlotte, NC 28202
Federal Tax ID: 56-6047886